G&M Group

Product Design

We create production drawings in-house using the latest CAD/CAM software, which allows a rapid development process and quick turnaround time for new projects. Our on-site wind tunnel facility with data logging software means new designs can be quickly confirmed and tailored to customer requirements.

Plant & Construction

G&M offer a full range of Heat Exchangers for Plant, Construction and Mining Vehicles

Offshore & Marine

G&M offer all our copper brass cores with tin coated copper for long lasting protecting. All our offshore Aluminium coolers are coated with our Alu-Shield coating that gives excellent protection against the harsh environments of the North Sea.

Compressors & Aux

Airblast Aftercoolers, Combi Coolers, Water Radiator and special air motor packages, and more...

Automotive & Motorsport

Large selection of atermarket Automotive coolers including: Intercoolers, Oil Coolers, Water Radiators